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One of the most important and sensitive installations in a property is the electrical part. Responsible for making almost everything work, the electrical network must always be integrated to ensure the safety of the entire environment. This is why it is so important to hire a professional electrician .

Any small fault in the electrical network can present a great danger. From installation to future repairs, everything must be done by a trained professional who works in accordance with safety regulations. Check out some tips on this subject with David Harris Construction and make sure you have the best option for those seeking professional electrician service.

Professional Electrician: Why It Pays To Hire One

Well, we’ve already started with the reality that hiring a professional electrician is not only worthwhile, it’s essential. We strongly recommend that all repairs and installations be done by a professional electrician, preferably one with experience and recommendations.

You probably have an idea of how electricity should always be brought into the series. Simple errors, often silly, can cause failures in different equipment or even a generalized short that can end up setting fire to part of the property.

The work of an electrician is very important to be entrusted to anyone. In addition to the knowledge needed to repair this type of installation, you also need to have different tools and the right materials.

Therefore, once again, we recommend that all electrical work carried out in a property be carried out by a professional electrician.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Electrician

Check out some of the advantages that an owner has when hiring a professional electrician to perform installations and maintenance on the electrical network.

Safety and efficiency

These are the two main points when we are talking about maintenance on the electrical network. The customer wants a repair that is efficient so that their day-to-day returns to normal as soon as possible.

The professional needs to deliver their service with the necessary efficiency. But, it is also necessary for him to be concerned with the overall security of the environment. A stripped wire, for example, is a basic error, but in contact with other materials it can cause fires.

Another example that is not uncommon is poorly tightened screws. This error, also very common among non-electrical professionals, can cause different systems to overheat, bring down circuit breakers and considerably increase the energy bill.

By understanding how dangerous electrical energy is and needs to be treated with respect, it is easy to understand why you should hire a professional electrician.


Everyone knows that person who does a little of everything and even risks carrying out some repairs to the electrical network. However, most of the time non-professional electricians do not offer a guarantee. Thus, an error may appear for too little time and you have to pay again for the service.

Sometimes this is not even done out of malice on the part of the person, but simply because of a lack of enough technical knowledge to carry out a more accurate repair.

With the guarantee of a professional, it is possible to request a new repair if the first one does not completely solve the problem. Even though that is almost never the case.

Electrician technician at work blocks the cable between the clamps of a socket in a residential electrical installation


Often an electrical problem cannot wait. In the middle of the night a problem could cause the lights to blink, or an unexpected short could appear. You can’t wait until business hours to perform this service, can you?

David Harris Construction professional electricians work 24 hours a day to serve all of its clients in São Paulo. Ensuring that at any time of the day you have the support you need to get rid of electrical problems.


By hiring a professional electrician from an experienced company, you avoid getting into certain problems and getting some surprises. By trusting a professional company, you mitigate the possibility of problems with problems that keep coming back all the time or end up being charged for bigger problems than you really have and so on.

A company or professional that has been in the market for years brings credibility to their work. You also have communication channels with these professionals, such as telephones, websites or e-mail.

All these advantages you find with David Harris Construction & electrical services! With us you can be sure that it is worth it to hire a professional electrician.

We have been serving for over 20 years always with total customer satisfaction! Always offering effective electrical repairs, with guarantee and with all the security required by these complex systems.

We constantly offer professionals trained in the latest standards and procedures, in addition to the best diagnostic, monitoring and repair tools.

The carpentry involves organization of work and self-management, problem solving, innovation and creativity. Precision and precision work are the universal attributes of the outstanding carpenter. Every step in the carpentry process is important. Errors are largely irreversible and cost too much. This means that the carpenter must work in a safe and orderly manner, have endurance, demonstrate exceptional planning and organizing skills, concentrate and pay attention to detail to achieve an excellent finish.

The carpenter’s work includes

Measuring, cutting and installing components of a residential or commercial building, including floor, wall and roof systems. It can also include stairs, interior and exterior finishes, roofing materials, doors, windows and other finishing components. Accurately measuring and cutting allows for higher quality for items such as trim and molding, which must be finished with great precision.

Install components that are seen inside and outside residential or commercial buildings, such as rails, shutters, roofing materials, as well as outside buildings such as garages, sheds, gazebos, pergolas, and play houses.

Bespoke Kitchens

Kitchen is the most coveted and necessary space in the house for the whole family to feel good! In addition to being a dining space, it is also a space for socializing and leisure.
David Harris Construction is committed to making your kitchen everything you need and always dreamed of. We monitor the entire planning, execution and placement process, guaranteeing all the quality of service and materials.
In bespoke kitchens, planning is the most important. From the correct measurement of the kitchen, planning the correct position of appliances, the necessary features in each set of furniture, the type of furniture and the best aesthetics, according to the taste of each customer.
Bespoke kitchens may include

In terms of types of materials, we have: lacquered furniture, thermo laminated furniture or melamine furniture. You can choose the colors you want, according to your taste and the design of your home.

Fitted wardrobes

The way we organize our clothes reveals how we organize our brain!
In order to provide you with the best space to store your clothes, we carry out bespoke work , according to your needs and the space available.

Unlike standard wardrobes, built-in wardrobes or closets are designed taking into account the area of the room where they will be placed, avoiding unnecessary space occupation and maximizing storage options.

The furniture can be lacquered or not and always have detailed finishes. You can use shelves, rods for long or short clothes, drawers with different depths and widths and the most varied accessories, always designed with the appropriate measures for the intended use. We are committed to the quality of built- in wardrobes : all wardrobes have a back and bottom so that the clothes are properly protected. After all, it’s not because it’s hidden between walls that we’re not going to do a great job!

The bespoke wardrobes are produced with high quality materials and finishes. To give stability to the wardrobe and avoid warping for long years, we always use lateral sides between 19 mm and 30 mm, unlike the typical 16 mm that are often found on the market. The assembly is performed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the area. So, just place the order and wait for the work to show up at your home.

Store remodeling

The remodeling of stores or commercial spaces is aimed at optimizing commercial activity. We are prepared to equip your store with all types of wood and furniture. We can help design and choose the best solutions for your business. Combining your good taste and our experience, we do an excellent job.
We are able to handle large or small projects. From hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, clinics, hospitals to small stores.

We make shelves, cabinets, bespoke wardrobes, lacquered furniture, wooden or floating floors, wooden stairs, windows, counters, displays and everything you devise and need for your business.

Shops and carpentry

We are your best partner to create your business space with good taste and refinement. The wooden decor is timeless. Furthermore, it is adaptable, because we can create your project tailored to your spaces.
We have the smart marketing solutions for physical spaces.

The first concern we should have in hiring a plumber or plumbing repair company is the efficiency of the service and whether the problem will actually be resolved. This guarantee is only found by hiring professionals in the field.

Knowledge to identify and repair the defect

A professional plumber, in addition to being trained in his area, has more practice than most people, as hydraulic repairs are part of his daily life. Defects that many people have to search for hours to try to find can be diagnosed by the plumber just by knowing what the symptoms are.

The sooner the defect is discovered, the faster the solution can be applied. Which is also one of the main advantages of a professional plumber? Usually, when repairing what is the defect in the system, he can already apply the most practical solution.

When performing maintenance yourself, or hiring someone who is not specialized in these repairs, it is possible that the necessary repair will not be carried out. This happens because of lack of knowledge or lack of practice.

Service guarantee

All professional plumbers need to offer a guarantee, this is one of the main characteristics of a good professional. With the guarantee, you have support to demand a new repair if the problem returns within the specified period.

When performing hydraulic maintenance yourself, if any mistakes are made, you will have to pay for new materials and carry out the repair one more time. In the case of a plumber who is not a professional, it may be necessary to hire the service again.

Access to necessary tools

Many tools needed for hydraulic repairs are only found in the professional field and hardly anyone has them at home. One example is geophones and inspection equipment that make repairs much easier.

This equipment not only improves the ease of carrying out repairs, but also helps to protect the plumbing and reduce damage to the property. For example, a layman, or with basic knowledge, but without tools, may end up breaking more than they should in finishing the property to be able to carry out a repair that would be simple in other situations.

Sewerage network security

As we said, the sanitation network is very important for the property. Any defect can greatly affect the day-to-day of everyone who needs to use the piped water system.

A professional plumber makes sure that the repair to the system will be carried out correctly, without risking any part of the plumbing.


Last but not least is the availability of the repair service. Of course, you can perform the services yourself at any time of the day. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have the necessary parts and materials to carry out the repair.

A professional plumber who works 24 hours a day will have the main repair parts and will be able to carry out the repair even at dawn. With these advantages and analyzing the cost-benefit, it is easy to see that it is worth hiring a professional plumber.